Jory Burson


Introducing Open Web Docs

Open Web Docs is a collective of community members and organizations excited about web platform documentation as critical digital infrastructure. We've fundraised over $600k to provide full-time tech writing support to projects such as MDN. Read more and get involved at

OASIS Open Projects

Internationally recognized and respected for its work across ICT standards, OASIS now supports open source projects who want to work on multiple kinds of deliverables under one organizational umbrella. The open source program at OASIS is a leader among international standards developing organizations, particularly in the Ethereum/cryptotechnology and cybersecurity spaces.

OpenJS Foundation

OpenJS Foundation is building a cross-project community space for JavaScript developers, regardless of their preferred library or code editor. We support more than 35 open source JavaScript projects with support and benefit programs, content development, infrastructure, and more. We've also recently launched an Individual Supporter Program called JavaScriptLandia which will offer more opportunities to connect with favorite communities and tools.



Jory is a consultant and educator working to improve collaboration in open source and open standards communities as a member of several industry boards and standards setting organizations. She advocates for web developers at Ecma International, the OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council, the W3C, Open Web Docs, and works on projects with OASIS Open Projects, Ecma TC39, Ecma TC53, and Web Platform Tests.

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